Project Description


The Nikko Tools range for threading is based on an innovative moulding manufacturing process (Threading Precision Moulding) that delivers even on sintered geometries, the levels of sharpness and accuracy, usually achived on more expensive grinded types. The universal PVD coated carbide inserts for optimum performance and chip control on steel, stainless steel, and cast iron are available with metric, Whitworth, UN, NPT and BSPT threading, and are added to the “advanced materials” (PCBN and PCD) range of inserts, available for specific solutions on hardened and non-ferrous materials.


Difficult cutting conditions in steel machining: Mission accomplished

Nikko Tools system TPN has more than doubled the tool life compared to the alternative solution during a threading test on a steel hose. Test results are particularly significant since the work piece presented weldings that increased the machining challenges.

Internal threading on ISO M: TPM passes the examination

Nikko Tools indexable threading system passes the test of internal threading on stainless steel bushing with merits. In a difficult working task, like an internal thread, the Nikko threading system has demonstraed excellent chip control and a higher tool life compared to the alternative solution.

Threading on Stainless Steel: Almost double tool life

Nikko Tools TPM system proves high performance in machining a stainless steel threaded arbour: Emphasis on an excellent chip control and on about double number of threads performed compared to the alternative solution: 150 vs 80.

Threaded rod: 440 versus 250 threads

Nikko system has reached an excellent performance in threading a ISO P Threaded rod . Life tool of Nikko TPM has outperformed the alternative solution with 440 against 250 threads.

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