Project Description


Nikko Tools milling tools offer a wide range of solutions that help improve performances in every specific milling application: from shouldering to slot milling, from face milling to copying complex details. The cutter body’s high precision and positive or bilateral inserts can improve performance dramatically, in terms of finish quality, tool life, and reduced cycle times. The program includes both carbide and “advanced materials” (PCD, PCBN, ceramics) inserts to ensure the best choice for every material and application.


Shoulder milling on ISO N materials

ALUREK is the brand-new multi-functional shoulder milling cutter especially designed for aluminum and non-ferrous materials (ISO N group). Long cutting edge (19 mm) plus special TiBCN coating makes ALUREK an highly efficient solution suitable for shouldering, profiling, pocketing, and linear and helical ramping. The range is composed of screw-in, cylindrical- and arbor type cutter bodies from Φ25 to Φ50 mm diameters. The sharp AL geometry with a reliable Read more

Steel die: Best performance in tool life and reliability

Nikko Tools HF4Plus system delivered excellent performances in the milling of steel die. With a cutting speed slightly reduced the Nikko solution had reached about double tool life compared to the competitor. Customer target met!

RekPlus: optimal wear resistance in steel machining

Nikko RekPlus system proved higher reliability in milling of a steel sliding block , with a tool life increase of about 20% compared to the alternative solution. Moreover, the insert has been replaced after 15 passes for security reasons, but the wear was limited.

PCBN: Longer tool life on Grey Cast Iron

Nikko Tools PCBN insert was tested in the milling of an hydraulich distributor against a competitor with a ceramic insert and one with a coated carbide insert. Result: Nikko Tools PCBN insert tool life 3 times higher than competitors.

Double4Face: Shorted cycle time with a reduced cost

In milling a engine collector for automotive (material Grey Cast Iron), the system Nikko Tools Double4Face has performed a cycle time drastically reduced against the competitor, 52 vs 82 minutes, enabling also a significant cost reduction.

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