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The Nikko Tools program was introduced by Sorma in 2006, with the initial goal of providing its customers with a complete range of high quality indexable solutions in advanced materials (PCD & PCBN tools).

From highly specialized know-how, developed with advanced materials, and excellent results in comparison to the market, the goal has become more ambitious. Nikko Tools’ offer has grown exponentially over the years and has been extended with a wide range of ceramic and carbide systems.

Along with the product range, the Nikko Tools development team has also grown, playing a key role in the catalogue’s expansion and in constant product improvement. The close technical collaboration with the most important and innovative Japanese, European and Asian manufacturers has ensured that the design and production processes have achieved exceptional performance, high flexibility and ultrafast response times, even for special tools requirements.

High quality materials

The Nikko Tools team designs every product in the catalogue with the clear objective of constantly providing the best possible performance level based on the application requirements and materials.

The Sorma Technical Department is always at the forefront in the development of the product range, starting from the detailed process of defining the characteristics of the materials to be used together with the technology partners – carbide substrates, PCBN, PCD, and ceramics – to the careful analysis of the product’s performance in relation to market requirements. Every step is taken to ensure that the Nikko Tools product range always surpasses customer expectations. Field verification tests are constantly being carried out, comparing the performance of Nikko systems with those of other top industry players. Day after day, the test results confirm the programme’s quality, allowing for ongoing improvement also in collaboration with the customers using the products.