Project Description


The Nikko Tools DRS system allows high performance drilling with 2xD and 5xD lengths and diameters from 12.5 to 50 mm. The geometry of the inserts with four cutters has been optimized to allow greater stability and lower cutting forces. The inserts are available in three grades of micro-grain carbides with a PVD coating, one designed for universal use (ISO P, ISO M, ISO K), one specific for ISO P drilling and one designed for difficult applications requiring extreme toughness and reliability (ISO M and ISO S).
For use on non-ferrous materials (ISO N), the appropriate fully ground and polished AL geometry was developed to ensure outstanding cutting performance and eliminate any welding problem.


+40% in ISO P Drilling

Outstanding performance with Nikko Tools DRS indexable drilling system, with an increase of 40% in performances in comparison with the competitor. The test has been performed for the production of pulleys and the results show significant cutting forces reduction with Nikko Tools system compared to the competitor's solution.

Stainless Steel: +25% in bushing production

Tested in Stainless steel bushing production (AISI 304), the drilling system Nikko Tools DRS delivered 25% higher performances compared to competitor's tool. DRS drills 250 Holes, with one insert, compared to the 200 of the competitor.

Flat spacers: Excellent chip control

In drilling of flat spacers, the drilling system Nikko tools DRS has a higher cost-effectiveness compared to the alternative solution, due to the excellent chip control.

Excellent chip control on ERGAL 7075

In drilling of flat spacers in ERGAL 7075, the Nikko Tools insert SPGX060204-AL with grade JU6520 ensured a toollife for production of 2000 holes compared to the 1500 holes produced by an alternative solution. This performance is possible due to the excellent chip control of Nikko Tools DRS drilling System.

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