Nikko Tools - DOUBLEREK10

A versatile and reliable solution now available in a new size

DoubleRek, Nikko Tools’ system for high-precision 90° shouldering, grows with a new bilateral 10 mm insert with four cutting edges. This introduction enhances the DoubleRek family adding to the existing 17mm inserts, and making it now possible to choose cutter bodies start from Ø16 and up to Ø125, covering the majority of the applications and maintaining the same accuracy, robustness and reliability.

DoubleRek inserts are available in 8 carbide grades with both PVD and CVD coating, making DoubleRek a system reliable even during the most demanding machining process. Designed for general operations, DoubleRek10 offers all benefits of the bigger insert (DoubleRek17), starting from the high precision in shouldering applications:

  • The double-sided insert with four cutting edges optimizes the cost-per-cutting edge ratio, making it more competitive.
  • The high rake angle enables a smooth cutting action, reduces the cutting force and leads to good surface finishing.
  • The precision ground with large wiper facet guarantee excellent surface finish.
  • The wide contact surface of insert on the seat simplifies the mounting and gives the system high precision, robustness and reliability.
  • An extension stick up to 10xD is available for thread-type cutters to support overhang operations.

A special kit that includes 5 milling cutters and 20 inserts is available to test the versatility of the new DoubleRek10 milling system.

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