Alurek Nikko Tools

ALUREK is the brand-new multi-functional shoulder milling cutter especially designed for aluminum and non-ferrous materials (ISO N group).

Long cutting edge (19 mm) plus special TiBCN coating makes ALUREK an highly efficient solution suitable for shouldering, profiling, pocketing, and linear and helical ramping.

The range is composed of screw-in, cylindrical- and arbor type cutter bodies from Φ25 to Φ50 mm diameters. The sharp AL geometry with a reliable carbide grade, finely polished and precision periphery ground for high performances is available with radii 0.2, 0.8, and 3.2.

In particular, the porcupine version (Ø50 – Z4) allows an APMX of 32 mm.

At the back of the insert and on the seat, the “Smart-Lock” by Nikko Tools ensures a more stable positioning of the insert and operational safety, avoiding the incorrect insert mounting and promoting an overall better surface finishing.