Dramatic reduction of burrs formation in cast iron turning

Nikko Tools introduces the new NUK geometry, sharp but robust that effectively avoids burrs, stands as a supplementary choice for the current cast iron geometry range.
Combined with the newly developed CVD coated carbide grade JC7115,  first choice for semi-finishing to medium cutting nodular and vermicular cast iron applications, NUK-JC7115 provides the following features:

  • Stable positioning thanks to large contact surfaces that guarantee reliable operation and great vibrations reduction.
  • Unlike the usually flat geometry for cast iron, NUK has a small positive rake angle that reduces cutting forces and power consumption.
  • The positive rake angle sharpens the cutting edge and minimizes the burr formation.
  • The upgraded coating and special edge treatment make JC7115 a specialist grade on nodular cast iron applications.

Download the technical brochure to know more about the new NUK geometry!