Three new chipbreakers for negative inserts

Nikko Tools’ proposal for turning enriches with three new chipbreakers for negative inserts:

  • NUX, the most versatile for the medium cutting applications range (steel, stainless steel and cast iron)
  • NSM for finishing of stainless steel
  • NRM for roughing of stainless steel

NUX is a universal chipbreaker available in combination with CVD coated carbide grades. The variable land design provides NUX with high reliability in all applications. In particular this chipbreaker is indicated as the first choice for medium cutting applications and is a valuable option for ISO K materials thanks to the very sharp cutting edge that reduces burrs. Special frontal projections allow improved chip control, especially when machining steel.

NSM are negative chipbreakers characterized by a sharp and curved cutting edge that reduces cutting forces and burr formation. The small slot design in the radius area drastically improves chip control performance. Grade JP9030 (PVD coated micrograin carbide) is indicated for demanding applications of finishing and semi-finishing of ISO M materials, while the JP9015 grade is for the ISO M and ISO S materials.

The cutting edge of NRM chipbreaker embeds a perfect balancing between sharpness and strength, therefore it is the first choice for stainless steels roughing. Two types are available, in combination with high wear resistance CVD coated grade (JP9025) and with tough micrograin carbide with PVD coating (JP9030). Large size inserts are available (IC = 12, 16, and 19 mm.)