Nikko Tools - JP8725 - steel milling

High stability in all milling applications on ISO P materials

Nikko Tools introduces the new grade JP8725 for steel milling applications, suitable from finishing to semi-finishing operations.

The new micrograin carbide substrate, together with the latest coating, guarantee high stability in all milling applications on a broad range of ISO P materials, even on high-hardness ones up to 50 HRC.

The strength of this grade comes from the use of a new technology for the binding phase of the coating that reduces the peeling off effect, thus enhancing the performances of inserts even on hardest steels. Overall, compared to previous generation of grades, the improvement rises up to 30%. In addition, the shine golden surface of JP8725, enables an easier identification of wear.

The JP8725 new grade is available on all Nikko Tools milling systems, including the new DoubleRek10 for 90° shouldering operations.