The smart multi-material solution for 90° shouldering

A reliable and effective shoulder milling system is absolutely indispensable to allow quality and efficiency in general machining. Nikko Tools RekPlus system, in combination with the innovative new JP5540 grade is the smart multi-material solution for 90° shouldering becoming rapidly more and more popular in Europe.

JP5540 represents the state of the art of PVD multilayer coating on a tough micrograin substrate; it is suitable for a universal application range for ISO M and ISO S materials in medium to roughing applications and can also be used for machining steels (ISO P).

The advantages of using the RekPlus system in combination with JP5540 grade:

  • The featured substrate, made of uniform grain size, offers superior resistance to wear and fracture, also stands tough against high thermal shocks.
  • The tailored coating for ISO M and ISO S materials effectively avoids chip sticking and building up on the edge.
  • The advanced edge preparation technology guarantees the edges having the necessary sharpness while maintaining necessary toughness. Furthermore, it prevents burrs and notching, leading to good surface finish and longer tool life.

The JP5540 grade is available for the HGP (general purpose) and HSC (low cutting forces) geometries that cover the major shouldering applications.