Discovering the advantages of double-sided negative inserts in small diameter boring

Boring operations are usually done by single sided positive inserts and boring bars. Nikko Tools MicroNega technology integrates with micro double-sided negative inserts usable as an alternative to positive inserts for external and internal turning operations, from finishing to medium machining.

The range of MicroNega inserts comprises two types of chipbreakers especially designed for small boring operations while delivering the best performances:

  • directly pressed (GM),  for general machining operations, suitable from light to medium cutting with perfect chip control.
  • precision ground (SS), for precision machining. This chipbreaker generates very low cutting force and delivers higher accuracy. It is the best choice for stainless steels and free cutting steels.

MicroNega system features:

  • Double-sided negative inserts working like a single-sided positive insert with cost-performance advantages.
  • The use of indexable style in small-size boring, instead of solid boring tips, offers more technical choices and cost-performance advantages than conventional boring tools.
  • An optimized bar shape made with a special alloyed steel with optimized distribution of material over the section ensures the best rigidity and stiffness to the tool holder avoiding chattering and vibrations during operation.
  • The specific chip evacuation pocket design offers multiple chip evacuation routes, improving the chip evacuation and helping preserve the hole wall surface quality.
  • The special chip breaker is tailored for small boring operation: it reduces the cutting force, improves cutting precision, enables stable and smooth cutting, improves chip flow and evacuation.

MicroNega technology is available in a special kit that includes the most frequently used sizes of boring bars, a box of inserts, and necessary accessories packed in a practical and robust toolbox. Download the brochure and contact our staff for more information!