Nikko Tools - DXP Drills

The indexable drilling system with exchangeable heads DXP for deep holes is among the new products within the new release of Nikko Tools catalogue. The range of available diameters of these drills for steel and cast iron applications spans from Ø30 to Ø60 with lengths 3xD, 6xD, 8xD e 10xD.

The pilot head facilitates the centering and let DXP drills ensuring the best performances in the deep hole drilling on ISO P and ISO K materials. For those looking an even better self-centering precision, the 3xD type is available. The indexable drilling system with exchangeable heads DXP can be used also at high feed rates in applications such as plane, concave and convex surfaces, stacked plates and pipes.

HC geometry has been developed for reducing cutting forces and enabling the perfect centering also when using extremely long drills or under unstable working conditions. External inserts are available with CS (Chip Splitter) geometry whose great chip breaking performance drastically improves the chip evacuation also on adhesive work materials. The four-holes design ensures the necessary amount of fluid for an effective chips removal.

Special lengths and stepped bodies (greater than Ø60) are also available upon request.

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