The tool for flexible and high-quality manufacturing

Double 2HF specializes in small diameter high feed milling. It is a system with double-sided inserts for a broad range of applications in the mold & die and general machining industries, also suitable for machines with limited power.

This milling system operates according to the chip thinning principle: with the increase of the feed, the chip thins without the need of increasing cutting speed. These operating conditions dramatically reduce cycle time and costs and, at the same time, extend the tool life.

The long reach overhang of Double 2HF makes it suitable for diverse operations, including the production of large components, and allows helical interpolation in pocketing operations. It is a very versatile system that simplifies processes: it can perform face milling, ramping, helical pocketing, counterbore and countersink. It combines roughing and semi-finishing and therefore simplifies cutting processes and promotes high productivity.

The distinctive features of Double 2HF double-sided inserts are:

  • The large arc cutting edge that thins the chip while strengthen the edge, makes it more reliable in challenging applications.
  • The positive geometry design makes the cutting process smooth and lead to the higher quality of finished parts.
  • The unique twist pattern design that enlarges the clamping surface and guides the chips.

Nikko Tools’ Double 2HF milling system with double-sided inserts is ideal for small diameter high feed milling, the best cost-performance solution for those in search of a tool for flexible and high-quality manufacturing.