Nikko Tools PPU JP5125

Combined with JP5125 grade, the new PPU chipbreaker is the universal solution suitable for demanding operations like the semi-finishing of stainless steel or super alloys components also with interrupted finishing or precision boring.

These inserts are made of heat-resistant grade specific for ISO P and ISO M materials that allows high reliability during time. The robuts geometry generates low cutting forces, it is extremely reliable, does not deform workpieces and reduces vibrations in precision boring.
The inserts, used in combination with Vortex Bar, avoids vibrations also in the case of long overhangs (max 5xD). The optimized combination of grade and geometry allows PPU to face many challgenges, like the thin-wall precision boring. These new inserts part of Nikko Tools range are an universal solution able to satisfy all operational needs, from conventional ones to the most complex.

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