The main spotlight at AMB Stuttgart (Booth 3-E57) will be on Nikko Tools, with the product family undergoing a significant boost to its range of drilling systems thanks to the addition to the catalogue of exchangeable tip drill solutions.

First-ever preview for the new family of DEX Drill exchangeable tip drills, available in this first stage in the 3xD and 5XD versions, with diameters from 12 to 20 mm with general purpose GP cutting geometry for ISO P and ISO K applications and with TE cutting geometry featuring a tough edge design for optimal performances on ISO K mass production applications.
Another important novelty for Nikko Tools to be presented in Germany by Sorma is a line of indexable drilling systems with 6xD and 9XD pilot drills within the DRS family, with available diameters ranging from 18 to 30 mm to complete a line that, just over a year after its launch with the 2xD, 3xD, 4XD and 5xD ranges, has already met with considerable success in Europe.

Nikko Tools Development

«Since the launch of the first Nikko Tools catalogue in 2006 our aim has been to build a very high-quality range of products, focusing on one segment at a time – comments Giancarlo Galluzzi, General Manager of Sorma – This has enabled us to respond to the needs of our customers in the best possible way by not only developing new products but also providing specific and highly-qualified know-how. After starting out with advanced materials, the introduction of carbide and our turning and milling lines, we’ve focused on creating a complete and diversified drilling range. That’s why today we’re also launching the DEX Drill exchangeable tip drill family – as well as the DRS inserts solutions, without ever compromising on reliability and performance».

Nikko Tools will also be presenting at AMB its other more recent product lines featured within the Nikko Tools Update 2018 brochure, including the expansion of its HF4PLUS high-feed milling range and the introduction of its new range of ground turning inserts, both in cermet and in micro-grain carbide.